“dead friends”

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"RELIGION, the long anticipated project by Houston’s most groundbreaking independent rapper, Billyracxx, was released on March 8th, 2019. The eight track project was entirely written and conceptualized by Billyracxx and produced by St. Louis phenom producer, CHASETHEMONEY. CHASETHEMONEY, known for his collaborations with Valee, G Hebro, Chance the Rapper and most recently JID and J. Cole, combines his swaggering and high-energy production style with Billy’s wildly creative vision. RELIGION will be Billy’s most ambitious project to date -- a sonic and visual tour de force that will raise the bar for southern hip hop. Billyracxx is a native of Florida who has called Houston home for over a decade. He created his signature sound in the Bayou City but does not fit the mold of a Houston rapper. Rather, he creates his own mold unlike anything previously seen or heard in hip hop. Billy’s music is gritty and emotionally palpable. His visuals are stunning and uncomfortably visceral. Billy is both the writer and creative director for all his projects and directs his video shoots alongside the talented videographer, Dakota Hanson".



Billyracxx is a creative from Eatonville, Florida who currently resides in Houston, Texas. Not dictated by his region, but by his own creation, his consistency to push to new limits through his think tank “AnahataxMilytia” has led him to reach new heights in the industry. 

The first thing that you might notice is most likely the incredible quality of his productions, especially in terms of sonic aesthetics. For instance, his instrumental mixes are always very balanced and direct, with a really deep low end and a crunchy mid-range that adds a lot of excitement to the track. In addition to that, the treble range is smooth and bright, adding a lot of silky edge to the mix.

His tracks are always on the edge, as he goes the extra mile to push his creativity and always explore new ideas and musical arrangements to set the bar higher. In addition to creating world-class tracks, Billyracxx is also quite well-known for his amazing visual work. He is a talented creative director, and has the ability to match his sonic works with some really next-level visuals to go along with the songs. As a result, he was actually able to inspire a true national movement and prompt many people to follow along in his adventure, allowing himself and his work to reach to new heights and broaden its audience like never before.

Artist Information

Labels: Self Released

Genre: Rap

Hometown: Houston, TX

Influences: Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot, Ludacris, David Ruffin 




January 19, 2019

By Carlos Brandon

9 houston rappers to follow in 2019

Few artists in any genre are creating music as unique and ambitious as Billyracxx. The Florida-born rapper calls himself an alien and we tend to agree. His "punk rock meets trap" aesthetic is definitely not of this world. Billy's brand of hip hop is a refreshing departure from the traditional Houston sound. Though, ironically, his organically grown platform and independently produced content are more true to the DIY Houston rap legacy than most others in the game.

His singles, including a recent track titled "Iconic," typically premiere with an accompanying visual component. For Billy, videos are not creative afterthoughts — every project is an equal part sonic and visual experience. His new EP, Religion, currently being produced by the Atlanta-based ChaseTheMoney, is set to drop early this year and will likely expose Billy to a larger national audience. ChaseTheMoney is one of hip hop's hottest producers, having already worked with the likes of Lil Yatchy, Offset, and many more. This latest milestone in Billyracxx's career may be a breakout moment for Houston's very own alien.


SEPTEMBER 25, 2018


A Look at Florida Transplant Billyracxx's Unique Brand of Hip Hop

In an empty lot on Westheimer, on an overcast Friday evening, Billyracxx is on the phone. He is speaking to the owner of a hydraulically modified slab that Billy coordinated for his video shoot that day. The owner tells him the car ran out of gas on the way over. He gets off the phone and tells his team their shoot isn't happening.

Billy is in the lot to film the final scene for a new visual he's dropping. The single, which will feature Houston rapper D Flowers, will be the latest in a string of extremely well produced and professionally edited projects by Billy and his small team of independent collaborators.

Billy's team — or at least the ones in attendance — consists of his girlfriend/creative director, Minzly, and his videographer, Dakota. While the 25-year-old rapper sits in his car trying to figure out his next move, he chats with about his art, giving a brief yet enlightening glimpse into the creative process of one of hip hop's most intriguing young artists.


August 6, 2018

By Mitch Findlay

Billyracxx Weaves Lo-Fi Surrealism On "Shadows"

Billyracxx' latest visuals are trippy as hell.

The latest video from Billyracxx is an exercise in surrealism; with a lo-fi aesthetic and hallucinogenic quality, "Shadows" feels like a trip into the darkest corners of the mind. The opening shot features a slow-burning zoom, ultimately revealing Billy's chosen traveling companion - an extraterrestrial, high off fumes no doubt. 

In one of the more visually striking moments, Billy performs in the background, while a satiated looking woman lies waiting on the mattress; behind her, her shadow moves as if independently of her body. Eventually, things proceed to get hot and heavy between them, albeit not in the way you might have anticipated - shorty is actually a vampire, and dines on his freshly severed artery with seductive glee. Overall, "Shadows" is certainly a strange and feverish trip - yet it's not without an eerie sense of comfort.


JUNE 26, 2018



Houston rapper Billyracxx has a pretty unique voice in the rap game right now. In this bizarre video that includes him taking a ride with a hooded alien, he gets fed upon by one of the bloodsuckers that serves as a metaphor for his real life where he can’t seem to distinguish who’s genuine and who isn’t.


February 10, 2018

By Brian Zawlocki

Watch billyracxx's new visual "radioWaves"

Billyracxx does not slack on his videos, and with Billy preparing to release his brand new album Alienated, you can expect a flury of amazing visualsToday he gives us the first music video for the first single off the project ‘Radiowaves’. It’s stark and dramitic, each scene a carefully crafted snapshot in and of itself. Other artists should take note of Billyracxx’s attention to the visual element of music. Check out the ‘Radiowaves’ music video below. Alienated drops February 23rd.