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August 6, 2018

By Mitch Findlay

Billyracxx Weaves Lo-Fi Surrealism On "Shadows"

Billyracxx' latest visuals are trippy as hell.

The latest video from Billyracxx is an exercise in surrealism; with a lo-fi aesthetic and hallucinogenic quality, "Shadows" feels like a trip into the darkest corners of the mind. The opening shot features a slow-burning zoom, ultimately revealing Billy's chosen traveling companion - an extraterrestrial, high off fumes no doubt. 

In one of the more visually striking moments, Billy performs in the background, while a satiated looking woman lies waiting on the mattress; behind her, her shadow moves as if independently of her body. Eventually, things proceed to get hot and heavy between them, albeit not in the way you might have anticipated - shorty is actually a vampire, and dines on his freshly severed artery with seductive glee. Overall, "Shadows" is certainly a strange and feverish trip - yet it's not without an eerie sense of comfort.


JUNE 26, 2018




Houston rapper Billyracxx has a pretty unique voice in the rap game right now. In this bizarre video that includes him taking a ride with a hooded alien, he gets fed upon by one of the bloodsuckers that serves as a metaphor for his real life where he can’t seem to distinguish who’s genuine and who isn’t.


February 10, 2018

By Brian Zawlocki

Watch billyracxx's new visual "radioWaves"

Billyracxx does not slack on his videos, and with Billy preparing to release his brand new album Alienated, you can expect a flury of amazing visualsToday he gives us the first music video for the first single off the project ‘Radiowaves’. It’s stark and dramitic, each scene a carefully crafted snapshot in and of itself. Other artists should take note of Billyracxx’s attention to the visual element of music. Check out the ‘Radiowaves’ music video below. Alienated drops February 23rd.